Cultural structure / NGO

  • You represent a cultural structure, or a non-gouvernemental association that fosters the diffusion of culture and the opening to all audiences;
  • You think that cultural structures and non-gouvernemental associations have to bring in their experience and their knowledge for the construction of a Europe of Culture;
  • You are searching for partners (institutional or not) to develop your projects Europe-wide;
  • You are developing new strategies to make culture alive in Europe;

Why join?

Get in touch with your colleagues in Europe!
- Dissemination of innovative cultural practices in Europe
- Discussions on the future of European culture
- Diversification of members
- Contribute to the construction of partner projects
- Subscription to the monthly newsletter
- Reception of annual report

Join LIKE events!
La Rencontre: a yearly three-day event in a European Capital of Culture
Le Rendez-vous: thematic study sessions three times a year in a European city

- Free / Reduction at our events
- Participation in debates, conferences and thematic workshops
- Meeting and training with European professionals
- Study visits

Image and visibility of our members
- Communication of your new membership in social networks
- Launch your event in our calendar on the website
- Logo of your structure of the annual activity report
- Access through a login to detailed files and publications of all members (coming soon)
- Valorisation of your actions in our review (coming soon)

The more active you are the more efficient the network will be!
- Help us expand our network and influence cultural policy-making
- Become a member of the Committee and / or the Board (Network guidelines instances)
- Share your European cultural news
- Participate in our research activities

How to join?

Membership Requirements:
All members must pay an annual fee. Membership becomes effective upon payment of the fee. All members are committed to support, promote and share the network, its values and its objectives as they are described in the statutes.
Membership form:
To join our network and become a member, you can download, fill out and send the form below.