Who are we ?
LIKE is committed to the development of cultural policies in Europe and gathers in its network a set of elected representatives from various local authorities and cultural structures. The network works to build a Europe of Culture made by the territories to open up new horizons in the field of cultural issues.

Formerly “Les Rencontres”, the network of European cities and region for culture evolved into "LIKE" in January 2016. Since its creation in 1994, the network has always been committed to its members from different European countries and the collaborative development of cultural policies and territorial animation. Now based in Lille, our structure wants to renew its ambition of being a unique platform in Europe for cooperation, debate and action in the field of the cultural policy in cities, departments, regions and provinces. Its mission : to be the place where elected representatives, actors of culture and innovative initiatives from all Europe meet so that best-practice tools and common projects can emerge. LIKE wants to develop innovative fields of expertise and disseminate knowledge to the greatest number: multi-level governance, multi-stakeholder governance, new modalities of inter-sectoral and inter-territorial co-operation in the cultural field.

What LIKE sets as its goals :
  • To promote cooperation and collaboration between local authorities, cultural actors, citizens and European political bodies (networking platform, inter-sectoral mediation and between territories)
  • To work together with all kinds of partners - experts, academics, cultural networks, associations of elected representatives, artists and citizens - to be a force for proposals for a Europe of culture (expertise, sharing and dissemination of knowledge)
  • To commit politically to the defence and promotion of culture at all levels of governance (militancy, political advocacy)
LIKE’s heritage is strong with 20 years of experience and more than 200 actions - as well as a militant ambition to set in motion all territories within the Great Europe of culture.
cooperation and collaboration between all actors, citizens and European political authorities.

What about you ?

Local authorities, cultural institutions and structures, individuals… You are many and diverse to give life to culture in Europe : this is why LIKE chose to make your membership accessible accordingly to your size.
As a member, our (e)mails and website regularly bring you up to date with our activities. Also, you are invited to our regular events, so that you can meet our other members and bring your experience of culture in Europe into our discussions. Furthermore, you benefit from the advantages of our website, making it possible for you to get in direct touch with our other members so that you can prolong your discussions and collaborations. On the other way round, your events and projects can take advantage of the online visibility of LIKE.