2019 - 2021 Strategy
Monday 25 June 2018

New strategy of LIKE, network of European cities and regions for culture, the document that you can download HERE sets the objectives and orientations of our association for the next three years. It is the expression of a collective work, we have resolutely wished and observed a wide participation of our members during the last two years, may they all be warmly thanked.

From January 2017 until June 2018 - when the General Assembly took place and this project was debated, amended and voted on - LIKE organized numerous working meetings, multiple hearings and aimed at deepening, during five major meetings, the themes that seem to be priorities to us and which today are divided into five areas of work.

Europe has come to a standstill, euroscepticism is gaining ground, nationalisms are progressing,it is up to us to take the measure of the situation, to adapt our tools and our way of acting to be more present, more efficient and meet even more the expectations of our members. The five guidelines selected and detailed below aim to strengthen our network, develop our innovative tools and projects, while ensuring more visibility to our european presence. This coherent project is accompanied by an action plan, a gradual implementation over three years and a timetable that allows LIKE’s economic management and therefore its durability in a highly complex economic and political context.

You are invited, in the same spirit as the one that surrounded the development of this project, to participate with us in its implementation!

Very warmly,