Pitching your project for Europe
Wednesday 26 April 2017

Our new European reality demands that local and regional authorities, cultural operators and EU institutions together with their representatives altogether develop new strategies of cooperation and collaboration.

Notably in the sector of the arts and culture : is there any other sector that is more able to trigger interconnectedness, affect and appetite for the Other ? And thus, more able to contribute to the reinforcement of Europe's social and territorial fabric, at a time when fragmentation seems to be the rule ? Yet, the culture of cooperation seems to be alienated by competitiveness and competition, which brought us to find the answers to many questions by launching the debate "What kind of cooperation for culture? ".

LIKE's next event and second act of its 2017 [R]evolution programme, La Rencontre de Lisboa – What kind of cooperation ? (24 – 26 May 2017) will be entirely devoted to cooperation. In what framework, with what means and what support can cultural cooperation contribute to the building of another scenario for the Future of Europe?

ecause LIKE wants to highlight the actors who contribute to make Europe an everliving project, we wish to give them an opportunity to pitch their own project throughout May, 25. Two opportunities for different applications:
  • Intersectoral projects: projects which include partners from all kinds of sectors (institutions, arts, science…) as a way to create new knowledge, new rules to play by for cooperation, a new substrate for Europe. @ Museu do Fado, Lisbon (early afternoon 25/5)
  • Arts and culture: cultural and artistic projects, which leverage the peculiar nature of culture and the arts in the perspective of building a new European narrative. @Municipality of Almada, in presence of the members of Artemrede (early evening 25/5)

If you wish to seize this opportunity created by the LIKE network, please submit your project and call for partners in progress.

Come to Lisbon and pitch your project! Give it visibility! Meet new partners!

We offer you two hours of meeting with our Portuguese partners and European delegations composed of elected representatives, technical services, cultural structures members of LIKE to exchange, present and promote your cultural project.

For more info and condition of application :
Contact : Tsveta Ryahova | +33 3 20 85 14 16