3 YEARS of mandate, 6 months of [R]evolution, 3 DAYS of General Assembly
Tuesday 18 July 2017

Last March, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome. On the scale of European history, what can we say about the maturity of our network? LIKE - Les Rencontres has only existed for 23 years, and it is only 3 years ago that it took a new fresh start. A new team, a new name, a new visual identity, new communication tools... all this to instil a new dynamic, one that can make LIKE one of the actors of political change. Only our objectives have not changed: that our network contributes to the emergence of a Europe of culture by the territories. We still want, and even more urgently today, culture to be established as one of the EU's top priorities for action. We affirm that local governments must live up to the principle of subsidiarity, especially in cultural affairs, in order for policy-making to be adapted to the realities of local ecosystems. We want the EU to recognize local and regional authorities and local governments as partners in European building and decision-making.

3 years of mandate. This is an extremely short political time, especially when it comes to fostering a new collective start. A 3-year term only provides the basis for future actions and strategies. Much of what has been done over the last three years will have to be encouraged, amplified and continued in the coming years.

What about a year then? This is the time that LIKE wished for its [R]evolution. This year has been about the urgency of updating the missions of our network in the context of a popular rejection of the European project. While everyone on our continent speaks of "turning point", 2017 was about LIKE turning risk into an opportunity. It was a question for us to reintegrate in the long time of the European construction and repositioning local governments and culture at the very heart of the European project.

6 months. This is the time that separates us from the first event of our [R]evolution, La Rencontre de Bruxelles - what kind of Europe for the Future?, during which Luca Jahier reminded us of the youth of the European Union. He would not depreciate the strength of the European project, but remind us of the humility necessary in the pursuit of these important political fights. It is with this renewed humility that we are now working on the next 6 months of this [R]evolution: the latter commands us to strengthen our collective work, the links we have created with our new partners, our presence in the territories and the collective building of the future of our network.

3 days: this is the length of the General Assembly of Berlin, from 8 to 10 November. 3 days during which the members of our network will have to express on our collective future. I hope that all our members, local governments and cultural structures, are represented during these three days, so that they can express their judgement on the past 3 years and validate the roadmap for the next 3 years.

3 days, 6 months, 3 years. In absolute terms, times are short. But it is with a sense of urgency and under the impetus of renewed energy that I invite all people with the same ambitions of transformation to apply for the Committee and the Board of LIKE. These people will be warmly invited to participate in an extended Board seminar on 5 and 6 October in Paris to participate in the construction of the roadmap we will propose in Berlin. 3 days, 6 months, 3 years: let us coordinate our energies and our ambitions to make these short times true periods of upheaval. LIKE needs all of us: once again, let's not miss these milestones!

Michaël Moglia