LIKE in Arad County Coucil celebrations
Thursday 20 April 2017

On 20th, 21st and 22nd of April, Arad County Council celebrated its 25th anniversary. It has been the occasion for the Romanian County to make a balance sheet and to celebrate its evolution.

Because of its proximity to the border, Arad County Council attracts foreign investments ; it is also attached to enhance its potentials in an economic matter ; this is why Arad is one of the most developped region in Romania. Arad now intends to prolong its development to a County. Industry and culture having a traditional inking in this Romania Western County, Arad aims to continue its growth ; preserving the quality of public services, of infrastructures, guarantee the standard of living of citizens and develop its cultural influence.
Located on the boards of the Mures River , Arad County Council offers a natural setting perfectly producive for tourism's development, which is already important in the region. Because of its Art and heritage richness (with many museums, monuments, typical architecture), but also its geographical setting, Arad is one of privileged tourist destination of the country and intends to enrich its influence in the field.

Member of our network since a long time, Arad County Council, especially its President Iustin CIONCA honored us with his invitation to take part in its 25th anniversary. During these days, we have had the occasion to participate to cultural, artistic and administrative manifestations such as a meeting of Arad County Council, a (re)discover of the city of Arad and its surroundings and even a Philiharmonic show. LIKE is very enthusiastic to have participated to the Anniversary festivities of one of its members; we are grateful to Arad for its invitation that we accepted with joy !