La Rencontre de
Friday 26 May 2017


24-26 MAY /2017

Cooperation: this notion is at the heart of our work as a network. Because it has built with its main moto being competition and competitivity, Europe seems to have alienated the culture of cooperation and collaboration between European partners. As EU citizens increasingly express their rejection of EU institutions, feeling that the latter are pulling ever further away from their territories, it becomes urgent for cooperation to be reinvented in a more inclusive, better-governed and territorial way.

Would we want to reinforce cooperation, should not we start with culture? Is there any other sector that can trigger as much interconnectedness, affect, links, and appetite for the Other? Is there any other sector that can substantially help in giving (back) a meaning to the European project? Our Lisboa event will be dedicated to getting an in-depth view of innovative models for cooperation, their potential impact on the face of the EU, and triggering non-linear European partnerships. Local and regional authorities; cultural actors and operators from the arts; EU bodies and representatives: let us work together!


Wednesday 24
@  Serra Henriques Foundation

10:00   Board meeting
13:00   Lunch (for Board members)

14:00   Welcome of Participants
@Lisboa City Hall

14:30   Welcome address
Michaël Moglia
, Chairman of LIKE
Catarina Vaz Pinto, Deputy Mayor for Culture, City of Lisboa

15:00   Keynote 1 :  The future of cooperation in multi-speed EU
             Luis Felipe Castro Mendes
, Minister of Culture (Portugal)
             Karl-Heinz Lambertz, Vice-President of Committee of Regions

16:30   Coffee break

17:00   Presentation of cultural policy-making by the City of Lisboa
Catarina Vaz Pinto,
Deputy Mayor for Culture, City of Lisboa

19:00   Cocktails

Thursday 25
@ Museu do Fado

9:00     Welcome of participants

9:30     Welcome address
Michaël Moglia, Chairman of LIKE

10:15   Round table 1 : Is territorial diversity an obstacle or an opportunity for EU cooperation?
Eduardo Medeiros,
Professor / Researcher, Universiy of Lisbon
Álvaro Domingues, Professor, University of Porto
Inês Moreira, Professor, University Nova of Lisbon

11:45   Round table 2 : Are EU spaces of cooperation the new nuclei for a revitalised Europe?
Ann-Sofi Backgren,
1st Vice-President AEBR / Regional Council of Ostrobothnia, Finland
Rudolf Godesar, coordinator Task Force Cross Border Culture
Rui Florentino, Portuguese Order of Architects

13:00    Networking: "Empowering the voiceless" Intersectoral participation and engaging with
              diverse stakeholders in cultural projects : 3 examples

Rui Monteiro, Mayor Staff, City of Loures
Nuno Ricou Salgado, Coordinator,
Marta Silva,
Chairwoman, LARGO
Rita Wengorovius,
Artistic Direction, Teatro Umano
Mario Alves, Chairman, Centro Interculturacidade

14:00    Lunch, coffee-break
15:30    Journey to Almada
16:30    Welcome address
              Joaquim Judas, Mayor of Almada

16:40    Presentation of cultural policy-making by the City of Almada
              Antonio Sousa Matos,
Deputy Mayor for culture, City of Almada  

17:00    Presentation of cultural local projects and actors
Rodrigo Francisco (Companhia de Teatro de Almada) - Almada International Theatre Festival
Maria Franco and Ana Macara (Companhia de Dança de Almada) - International Platform for Choreographers
Rui Cerveira (Teatro Extremo) - SEMENTES International Exhibition of Art for the Little Public
Dolores Papa (Ensaios e Diálogos Associação) - Biblioteca da Cova do Vapor, Plataforma Trafaria e Projeto Almar

18:00    Presentation of LIKE LOGIN
              Francesco Morelli, LIKE Communication Manager

18:30    Networking, snacks and drinks

19:30    "In a better world" @Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite, Almada

Friday 26
@ Museu do Fado

9:00     Welcome of participants

9:30     Round table 3 : Shared value as a result of multistakeholder approach to governance:
              is changing cooperation also about changing the EU?

Nicola Mullenger, programme officer, European Cultural Foundation
Jordi Balta,
advisor on Culture in Sustainable Cities, Committee on Culture, UCLG
Marta Martins,
Executive Director, Artemrede


11:00   Round table 4 : Cultural operators and actors of arts in EU programmes :
              strategies for survival
Luisa Poclen, co-chair of Regional Initiative for Culture and Creativity (RICC), Friuli Venezia-Giulia Region, Italy
Donato Giuliani, technical advisor, Region Hauts de France representation in Brussels
Nuno Almeida, Portuguese coordinator, EGTC Norte de Portugal-Galicia

12:45     Closing of La Rencontre de Lisboa : "The statement of Lisboa"

16:00     Festival of Urban Art (MURO) and visit of the new Library, Marvila, Lisbon

In the weekend : Intercultural Festival of the City of Almada
The Entrança – Intercultural Festival is an initiative organised by Almada City Hall and the Board of the Union of the Parish Councils of Caparica and Trafaria. Interculturalism is the central theme of the Festival and includes the participation of eleven local Associations and entities.

Focus on local projects

  • PROCUR.ARTE Cultural Association is a cultural association based in Lisbon. Since 2005 it works for the development and dissemination of creative industries through the creation of critic and constructive projects in the fields of arts, culture, creativity and innovation. They focus their activities on the development of mechanisms that enable the development of communication platforms between national and international cultural agents, promoting networking, intercultural dialogue and enhancing the economy of culture.

Flâneur was a photography network project based in an international partnership of about 20 organisations from 11 different countries. Its main purpose is to carry out artistic interventions in public spaces inspired by the cities and using contemporary photography as its main artistic media. Flâneur encourages artists to create new interpretations of the urban terrain, having the concept of flâneur as a starting point and considering the physical context of the city as a social kaleidoscope in constant evolution.


Contact :
Nuno Ricou Salgado, Coordinator -

Centro InterculturaCidade (Lisbon Intercultural Centre) is located in Poço dos Negros (central Lisbon), a reference neighbourhood of the Cape-Verdean migrant community in Portugal. It opened its doors in May 2004 in the framework of a project funded by the EU through the Equal Initiative . In 2010 it was established as an independent association created jointly by one of the initial partners and members of different migrant communities living and working in that neighbourhood. All Welcome !

Partnerships and exchanges encouraged.

Contact :
Mario Alves, Chairman -

Companhia de Dança de Almada, The Almada Dance Company, organises the Quinzena da Dança de Almada – International Dance Festival (QDA), an annual dance festival, since 1992. Over the years, QDA has contributed to the international exchange and promotion of contemporary dance from different backgrounds. The festival thus became a meeting point for choregraphers, dancers, programmers and technicians from different backgrounds bound by a common focus on contemporary dance.

They are open to different forms of collaboration, not only with choreographers and dancers or performers in related areas, but through creative partnerships, residencies, or other means, with producers of similar festivals.

Contact :


Located in Almada since 1994, it becomes a cultural Association in 1996. In 2002, it received the silver medal of City of Almada. Since 2015, it is responsible for the operation and programming of municipal facilities. Over the last two decades, the theater has presented performances to more than half a million spectators worldwide.

Sementes - Mostra Internacional de Artes para o Pequeno Público
It is an international and intergenerational Art Fair. It is a privileged place for exchange and share between all. Different activities are available as theater, dance, marionettes, music, circus… All on the form of exhibitions, games or performances.

The goal is to create a theater for the next generations by taking on a major challenge : having a realisation and a program which follow the logic of the improvement of knowledge and openness. Each community works together for a cosmopolitan worldview.

Contact :
Rui Cerveira (Teatro Extremo) - SEMENTES International Exhibition of Art for the Little Public -

Statement of Lisboa