La Rencontre de
San Sebastian
Monday 04 July 2016

Michaël Moglia, Chairman of LIKE, and the Board Members are delighted to invite you to San Sebastian, ECoC 2016, for the big Meeting of the year and the General Assembly of LIKE.


10-13 OCTOBER /2016


The policies of cultural democratisation which were initiated on most European territories in recent years now seem to have reached their limits : an unfinished form of cultural democracy corroded by several kinds of cultural ghettoisation. The institutionalisation of culture has not succeeded yet in addressing the whole population, often finding its way to the elite but more rarely popular classes. The involvement of populations in culture evolves according to the position that society leaves to everyone.

Facing these transformations and challenges, LIKE wants to reflect on the new ways of democratic participation in the arts and culture (citizens' initiatives, participatory democracy, amateur practices) and create, in Donostia/San Sebastian, a space for reflecting on the new models of public policy development in the cultural sector.

What are the new processes of cooperation and participation that include local governments and citizens ? How do new governance models allow us to achieve a better « living together » ? To what extent does the European Union offer us a secure environnement in which the diversity of cultural identities can express freely ? Will a Europe of culture, with creativity at its heart, ever exist ?
Stage, off stage, audiences : how to bring together artists, professionals, citizens and social actors ? How can new places of culture be thought of as the new spaces of democracy and dialogue ? What are the new territories in which these relational fields express ?

European co-construction can reinforce these dynamics by promoting confrontation of opinions, creation, circulation of works and artists, by sharing spaces and increasing european and interdisciplinary exchanges.

All these reconstructions - the emergence of new areas of democracy, especially culture - transform and transcend the position of citizens within their society and on their territory. It is this articulation - between citizens, culture and territories - which will be debated during the three days of La Rencontre of LIKE.

LIKE objectives : have positions, reflections and common recommendations emerge amongst our members, so that our network can carry out the voices of European territories at local, national and European levels.

Provisional programme

Monday 10 October

15:00       LIKE Board Meeting
                 Salon Petit, Palacio Miramar

20:00       Dinner (not included in the price)

Tuesday 11 October

9:00       Arrival and registration of participants
              Palacio Miramar

9:30       Welcome Speeches

Michaël Moglia
, President of LIKE – the network of European Cities and Regions for Culture (France)
Miren Azkarate Villar, Councillor in charge of European Capital of Culture and of Culture, Education and Basque, City of Donostia/San Sebastian (Spain)

10:00       Opening Conference
                The art in the cultural logic of democratic society. An interpretation.
Iskandar Rementeria, Doctor of Fine Arts at the Basque Country University (UPV / EHU), post-doctoral searcher at the UPV/EHU, Research and Creation in Arts Master Professor and Musician (Spain)

10:30      Networking break

11:00       From spectators to actors : citizens and their cultural rights
How to re-dynamize cultural democracy ? What are the new public spaces for citizen cooperation?

Olivier Van Hee, Culture inspector at the General Administration of Culture, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - Pathways Professor and President, Master in Cultural Management, University of Brussels (Belgium)
Laura Fernandez, Cultural Programme Coordinator MediaLab, Madrid (Spain)

12:00   Lunch

14:30    Visit to the San Telmo Museum
              Museum of Basque Society and Citizenship
              Plaza Zuloaga, 1

16:00     Visit of the Head Quarters of DSS 2016
               Presentation of the European Capital of Culture
Pablo Berástegui, General Director, Donostia/San Sebastian (Spain)
Eneko Garate Iturralde, Internationalisation Manager, Donostia/San Sebastian (Spain)

20:00    Dinner

Wednesday 12 October

9:30        From artistic and cultural participation to social and political engagement
                Proposals for a committed and independent culture
How are artistic and cultural practices changing our approach to democracy ?

Helga Massetani Piemonte
, Colectivo Artitadeto Foundator, Content Manager and Internationalisation Programmes designer at Bitamine Faktoria, Irun (Spain)
Francesco Zarzana, Writer, Film-maker, President of the association Progettarte and Committee Member of ALDA - European Association for Local Democracy, Modena (Italy)
Isusko Vivas, Doctor of Fine Arts at the Basque Country University (UPV / EHU), Graduated at UNED in Social and Cultural Anthropology. Professor at Fine Arts University (UPV / EHU), Research and Creation and Arts Master Professor (UPV / EHU) and researcher in the fields of urban anthropology, art and urbanism (Spain)

11:00      Networking break

11:30      Highlight on 2 innovative projects of cultural co-construction in Europe
How do citizens, territories and culture work together ?            

George McKay
, Professor of Media Studies at the University East Anglia, senior technic advisor for the Council for Arts and Human Sciences   (AHRC), in particular for the programme «Connected Communities», foundator and co-director of Social Movement Studies: Journal of Social, Cultural and Political Protest (Routledge). (UK)
Sabine Le Stum, Coordinator of the European Culture Festival project (France)

12:30      Lunch

14:30      Visit of Tabakalera
                International Centre for Contemporary Culture

16:30      Documentary and debate - DSS2016

18:30      Cocktail

Thursday 13 October

9:30    From engagement to co-construction
What institutional frameworks for a real co-construction of culture in European territories ? What governance must be invented for a better co-construction ?

Ane Rodriguez
, director of Tabakalera, San Sebastian / Donostia (Spain)
Francesco Zarzana, Writer, Film-maker, President of the association Progettarte and Committee Member of ALDA - European Association for Local Democracy, Modena (Italy)

11:00      Coffee Break

11:30      Presentation of Aarhus 2017 (Denmark)
                European Capital of Culture
Trine Bangs, Programme Coordinator

12:30      Lunch

13:30      General Assembly of LIKE