La Rencontre de Mons
Monday 13 April 2015

Nowadays culture and digital technologies are strictly connected, the Association Les Rencontres wants to focus the event on this topic and deal with both legal issues, innovative artistic initiatives on territories and social changes due to digital culture.

Organised in collaboration with La Fondation Mons 2015, this edition will be held in Mons, Belgium; on the main topic: “Virtual culture, real responsibilities: which concrete applications today?”

 La Rencontre de Mons will consist in debates and conferences, in which we invite you to actively interact with speakers.

« When technology meets culture: this is the main topic of Mons 2015. I will try to show why digital technology can not join culture, unless it start, as an automated power, to serve of the disautomation process in which each cultural reality consists in »
Bernard Stiegler, philosopher

The cultural activities and locations you will discover

La Métamorphose
The cultural and artistic project, the new infrastructures, the development of the territory, the creative valley and the social-economic conversion of Mons 2015 in a unique path.

A hearing house, a peace heaven in the frenetic daytime. The old fire station in rue de Nimy has been totally redesigned.

A contemporary exhibition about the exchange phenomenons, cultures’ transfer and artistic practices

Ailleurs en folie Melbourne – Melting pot migratoire
A meeting between Mons and Melbourne through the best quality of Australia, its cultural diversity!
An intricate exhibition to discover different sound and visual universes.

La Guinguette Littéraire
An ephemeral European bookshop, a book and coffee house, in an arabesque mood.

Café Europa
A laboratory to understand and discuss about new technologies impact and a place to debate in streaming with other European countries.