La Rencontre de Berlin
Friday 30 June 2017

Elective general assembly
08-10 NOVEMBER /2017

2017 has been a very busy year: several events, all of them with urgent themes that we wanted to discuss, collectively, so that in the coming years our network can deploy its voice and ideas...
La Rencontre de Berlin closes this work of consultation, discussion and debate, with restoring our exchanges, and proposing axes of work for the next 3 years: which network for which Europe of Culture?


The three year-mandate of our current Board (2015-2017) will end in November 2017. On the occasion of our Berlin General Assembly, LIKE members will have to elect the new representatives of our two statutory bodies. According to our statutes, the incumbent Board is responsible for its own renewal, which must be validated by a Committee elected by the General Assembly. Members of the future Board will therefore be proposed by incumbent members, without necessarily emanating from the local authorities and cultural structures represented in the Committee.

Conference venue :
Friedrichstraße 107,
10117 Berlin, Germany

Draft Programme

Wednesday 08


08:30    Welcome of participants
09:00    Welcome address by Michaël Moglia, Chairman of LIKE

Reporting on the [R]evolution + Opening of the works of Berlin

In the dual context of our network's transformations and the EU being weakened with growing questioning of its raison-d'être, our network has undertaken in 2017 a [R]evolutionary year of discussions and consultations so that at the end of it, LIKE's role, strategy and trajectory in the European landscape are reinforced. Throughout the year and the many moments of reflections we organised, LIKE has dug the track of political, social and cultural issues urging us to redefine our role as a political and cultural actor in Great Europe. During this first day of our General Assembly, we will be looking back at all those topics from which we will draw elements of reflection to base our actions in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

09:30     ACT I
         What kind of Europe for the Future ?

First event of our [R]evolution ; year of the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties and release of President Juncker's White Papers on the Future of Europe ; in partnership with the City of Brussels, Walloon-Brussels Federation, Atomium and ADAM, LIKE settled in Brussels on 8, 9 and 10 February 2017 to discuss the situation of Europe. While facing multiple economic, democratic, migratory and political challenges, these crises shall not destroy Europe but only urge activists of the European ideal to rethink the foundations of our community of territories. It is not enough to jump on our chairs like goats and shout out “Europe”: if we are to build a Europe of culture, we had better start cultivate the idea of Europe.

> Reporting, discussions and propositions
> Vote of Act I, Project 2018-2020

Arnaud Bozzini
Exhibition Director, ADAM-Brussels Design Museum

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00     ACT II
               What kind of cooperation for culture ?

Cooperation: this notion is at the heart of our work as a network. Because it has built with its main moto being competition and competitivity, Europe seems to have alienated the culture of cooperation and collaboration between European partners. As EU citizens increasingly express their rejection of EU institutions, feeling that the latter are pulling ever further away from their territories, it becomes urgent for cooperation to be reinvented in a more inclusive, better-governed and territorial way. This is what we did during La Rencontre de Lisboa (24-26/05/2017), with the Minister of Culture of Portugal and now- President of the Committee of the Regions, thanks to support from the Cities of Lisboa and Almada, and together with the Serra Henriques Foundation and the Association of European Border Regions.

> Reporting, discussions and propositions
> Vote of Act II, Project 2018-2020

12:00     ACT III
              What kind of funding for culture?

Our Rendez-vous de Leeds will be dealing on 7, 8 and 9 March 2018 with the essential question of the funding of culture. Convinced with the importance of culture and arts within all societies (local, national, European), we strongly believe in the need for the sector to be sufficiently and intelligently funded. Considering public money is rarefying, we believe it is urgent to look into alternative schemes of funding for culture and the arts and to measure their impact on the quality, diversity and sustainability of the cultural sector. In the perspective of this important Rendez-vous in partnership with EUCLID, the City of Leeds, the City of Lille (twinned-city) and Leeds 2023 ECoC bidding team, we will set up the milestones of our reflection in Berlin.

> Presentation of Le Rendez-vous de Leeds
> Reporting, discussions and propositions
> Vote of Act III, Project 2018-2020

13:00     Networking lunch

14:00     ACT IV
              What kind of Capitals for culture ?

Committed defenders of a Europe of territories and culture, the issue of European Capitals of Culture has always been close to the heart of the members of LIKE. What are the impacts of ECoCs on winning and losing cities – on communities and cultural actors on territories – on the EU itself?
Convinced with the beneficial impacts of ECoCs, our network wished in Le Rendez-vous de Aarhus (14-15/9/2017), in partnership with the Municipality, Aarhus 2017 Foundation and Central Denmark Region, to discuss proposals to increase the scope of those beneficial impacts to the rest of European territories. It was thus important to assess ECoCs in a critical manner and to reflect on the ways we could trigger exchange of knowledge between all applicants – successful, unsuccessful, in the past, present and future. Our objective: to give added meaning to ECoCs.

> Reporting, discussions and propositions
> Vote of Act IV, Project 2018-2020

15:00    ACTE V
             What kind of activism for culture ?

Our Rendez-vous de Paris will be dealing with the crucial relation between activism and culture. LIKE has grown interested in the many ways in which cultural actors can be recognised as political partners in cultural policy-making and beyond. In this regards, it is essential to understand the peculiar forms of cultural activism and how the cultural sector considers its role towards policy-making.

> Presentation of Le Rendez-vous de Paris
> Reporting, discussions and propositions
> Vote of Act V, Project 2018-2020

16:00    Cultural programme
19:00    Cocktail / thanking the partners of LIKE's [R]evolution

Thursday 09

09:00     DIALOGUE, in partnership with Live DMA

The cooperation of LIKE and Live DMA (the European network for Live Music Associations) makes a concrete step: the members of Live DMA and those of LIKE will meet to exchange around the issues which have them interact: noise nuisances, competition between municipal and independent cultural events, regulations, night-time policies… are such kind of issues that we wish to tackle during this work session.

Dorte Hartmann (CEO of Puffin Artlab, consultant for the "Roskilde Music City" strategy at the Municipality of Roskilde, DK
Stéphanie Thomas (co-director of FEDELIMA, who will present the Orientation and Development current music venues (SOLIMA)
Isabelle von Walterskrichen (co-president of Live DMA, director of PETZI and chairman of Zurich Night Council)

11:45    Présentation du Kid's Festival
Susanne Prahl, director of Kid's Fest

12:00    Networking lunch

13:30    Statement of the Chairman (statutory reminders)
+ election of the Chair of the General Assembly
+ election of the Secretary General of the General Assembly

13:45     Presentation of the unfolding of the General Assembly

14:00    Presentation of LIKE new members

14:15    Moral report of the Chairman

15:15    Coffee break

15:30    Financial report of the Treasurer

16:30    Suspension of the General Assembly
              + cultural programme

Friday 10

09:30    Welcome of participants

10:00    Presentation of the unfolding of the General Assembly

10:15    Debating our 2018-2020 Project
> Debate and vote

13:00    Networking lunch

14:00    Election of the Committee
15:00    Election of the Board + nomination of country-referents

16:00    Speech by the new Chair of LIKE

17:00    Closing drinks