European Challenges for Culture - 23-25.10.19
Tuesday 21 May 2019

For its 25th anniversary, the network LIKE – network of European regions and cities for culture - is setting up a new European meeting for local governments, cultural organisations and researchers.

On October 24th & 25th 2019, the first edition of the conference «European Challenges for culture» will be held inHôtel de Région des Hauts-de-France,151 Avenue du Président Hoover, 59555 Lille - FRANCE.

LIKE network’s annual conference is a privileged opportunity for exchanges and debates, focusing on key European topics for the future of the cultural sector.

Each year, the conference «European challenges for culture» creates a dialogue between researchers, policy makers and cultural professionals. The crossed views of these cultural stakeholders, fed by their research and evaluation for some, their experiences and practices for others, highlights the issues for future public policies of culture and engages a collaborative analysis of the European cultural news.

Our ideal is to participate in the implementation of European sustainable cultural policies more concerned with economic, social, societal and environmental issues.

The first annual conference « european challenges for culture » takes place at a crucial time for the European Union with the European elections and the 2021-2027 financial framework negotiations.

On the first day, we wish to focus on the European Union’s cultural policy. First, we will discuss the European Union’s international cultural relations (following the adoption on April 8th 2019, by the EU Council, of a set of conclusions for an EU strategic approach to international cultural relations) and then the negotiations on the upcoming European programs.

The « Internet Giants » have also been in the spotlight in Europe this year, especially with regard to all the challenges they raise for public policies on the European scale.

The Directive revising the rules applicable to Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS) ( January 7th) as well as the European Copyright Directive (voted on March 29th 2019) call on us to rethink the use of tools and directives to promote cultural diversity in Europe in the digital era.