Brussels, the 22nd of March
Wednesday 23 March 2016

Terror hit Europe again, for that time in its very institutional heart: Brussels.
Our cellphones vibrated all day long, with our friends and colleagues – fortunately – declaring themselves safe on social networks. And anxiety, for the moments when our phone did not vibrate anymore, reminding us of the reality of horror.
From Lille, we got news from people cloistered in their homes, describing the noise in the streets : silence, only to be torn by the long siren-alarms of ambulances, police cars, emergency services.

Is it possible that all of them were guilty of any crime ? That the innocents from Brussels, Paris, Charlie Hebdo and elsewhere – those who are dead or who will hold forever the marks of those days on their skins and in their heads ; is it possible that they were guilty of anything ?

The role of LIKE today is to reaffirm the necessity of a united Europe of and for culture, not against another culture. Our will on this day-after is to demonstrate that individuals in and beyond Europe are working together for our common goal :

A culture that is engaged in protecting and promoting the diversity of the individuals building great Europe.
Culture as an arm for equality between European territories.
Culture as tool for re-enchanting our futures.
A Culture for, and by, everyone.

Our thoughts go to the survivors, the victims and their families. Our sympathy goes to our Belgian members – we think of you from Lille.