Good Bye José...
Saturday 09 January 2016

Michaël MOGLIA and the Board of the network of European Cities and Regions for Culture wish to share their emotion at the death of José DIELENS on the 6th of January 2016.

Former treasurer of our network, we will keep the memory of José as a man who profoundly marked "Les Rencontres", a convinced European citizen and a brave and determined fighter for freedom, rights defending and dignity of all of our citizens.

Friend of our network, José was attentive accomplice of our reflections, our doubts, our developments of the project. He was present in all the struggles of our association, political, cultural and artistic battles and we know how these dimensions were linked inextricably for him.

José did a path marked by different positions: Deputy Mayor for Culture of the municipality of Auderghem, journalist and photographer, member of the AFJET France and FIJET, Founder of the International Club of Great Travellers, member of the European Movement Belgium. In all these functions, it has demonstrated a remarkable commitment exercised with serene authority and infinite kindness.

Hopelessly wayward to popular belief, curious of humankind first of all, of ideas and things, José had kept this critical and skeptical but always benevolent look, which characterized him so well.

José put this commitment of the service  of our network but also of a certain idea of Art, Culture and Policy.

With the disappearance of José Dielens, our network loses a companion, a partner and a friend.

In these moments so painful, we turn to Mary-Louise, his wife, his children and his relatives, the assurance of our profound sympathy.