Call for partners TRAD&NOVA 6x6
Friday 03 August 2018



Proposal draft

2018 Creative Europe Call for Proposals

Purpose and objectives


The TRAD & NOVA 6X6 project aims to generate know-how at European level on how to keep alive popular and traditional culture by exchanging and cross-fertilising traditional initiatives and innovative proposals in several cultural and artistic fields (crafts, live arts, visual arts, popular festivities, etc.). This will be done by exchanging experiences between projects from different European territories.

The TRAD & NOVA 6X6 project, inspired by the objectives of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, questions the usual static conception of intangible heritage, considered as something that is unrelated to contemporaneity that must be protected without touching. Against this, we intend to valorise and promote the recognition of initiatives that, throughout Europe, put emphasis on dialogue with modernity, as the best way for tradition to keep strong and alive and continue to be culturally significant to a large portion of the population.

The TRAD & NOVA 6X6 project aims to achieve four results from four tools determining four specific lines of work:

  • Give visibility to existing good practices, contributing to its international dissemination through a specific digital platform.
  • Extract those elements that may be transferable to other contexts and cultural situations, through the development of a specific tool kit.
  • Experience processes to revitalise initiatives from traditional heritage with innovative cultural and artistic dynamics in the territories of the various partners involved in the project.
  • Create the necessary sustainability conditions for an international award (provisional name “Sodoku Prize”) that recognises this type of initiatives on a biennial basis.


The project in the framework of Creative Europe

large-scale project

A minimum of 6 partners from 6 different countries are needed, as well as institutions capable of articulating “local networks” of diverse types of initiatives and, at the same time, establishing a second-level articulation between territories.

The maximum cost of the project will be of € 4,000,000 M, with a maximum co-financing of 50%. Application for support from the European Commission, through the “Creative Europe” program, of up to € 2,000,000 M

The TRAD & NOVA 6X6 project, with regard to its alignment with the general objectives of the Creative Europe program, meets the following features:

  • Internationalisation: Insofar as the project is based on the knowledge and the exchange of initiatives at European level
  • Development of audiences: The actors of traditional and popular culture are active audience and protagonists at the same time, very close to the contemporary cultural concept of prosumers (producers-consumers).
  • Innovation and creativity: The hard core of the initiative consists in the intensive application of creativity in a sector that is not very dynamic and little innovative, the traditional and popular cultural heritage; and vice versa, the re-reading of myths and traditional cultural symbols from a cutting-edge perspective.
  • Attention to diversity, to the extent that immigrant groups, as well as refugees and other minorities are usually carriers of cultural forms derived from their traditions of origin; the traditions of people are likely to establish processes of dialogue with the traditions of the place, as well as with other minority, experimental and innovative cultural forms.

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