Second round table @La Rencontre de San Sebastian

La Rencontre de San Sebastian wants to reposition culture and politics within an inter-dependant triptych : at the crossroad between citizens, cultural actors and political leadership. That is why our debates and discussions will be organised in 3 different moments. Our second moment will be dedicated to cultural actors and artists.

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Points of view

Brexit, the UK in despair

Berlin, 29.7.2016

Hatto Fischer, poet and philosopher, coordinator of the NGO Poiein kai Prattein (Athens, Greece) draws, from his experience, an analysis of Brexit complexity's : at social and political level, what impact for Europe and beyond ?

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Meeting with...Helga Massetani of Bitamine Faktoria

San Sebastian / Donostia, Spain

In the framework of our looming meeting in San Sebastian, we met Helga Massetani, founder of BITAMINE FAKTORIA. Back on a fascinating interview with a rebel collective, like a free electron in the field of art!

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Capitals of Culture

San Sebastian / Donostia 2016

European Capital of Culture with Wroclaw

« Culture para la convivencia » (culture for coexistence) : how much more relevant could a 5 year-old theme be today ? It is the issue Donostia/San Sebastian chose to highlight throughout 2016. Since the start of the year indeed, as European Capital of Culture (ECoC).

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